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Kick-start your entrepreneurial journey

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, a way of thinking that is valuable to carry with you whether you intend to start a company or not. In Brewhouse Intro, you will develop your entrepreneurial skills over five weeks together with others.




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Julia Derving

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Brewhouse Intro

Julia Derving

Participated in Brewhouse Intro through DMG Education

"Thank you for the great workshops! I left with the feeling that it does not have to be so complicated to start a business. Which feels great as it is something I have always been curious about!"

Content of
Brewhouse Intro

Lean Canvas

• Overview of the business development tool Lean Canvas.
• Practical exercises related to the tool.
• What is entrepreneurship?

Target group & value proposition

• Feedback on Lean Canvas.
• Presentation of the Value Proposition Canvas tool.
• Talk to the customer.

Create your prototype - MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

• Exercises linked to the creation of the prototype.

Pitch workshop

• Tools and exercises to structure your pitch.

Market position & pitch presentation

- The Blue Ocean Strategy tool.
- Develop your pitch.

kick-start your entrepreneurial journey?

In Brewhouse Intro, you with an idea in the creative industries will develop your entrepreneurial skills using proven tools and methods, together with others.

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