Our arena!

Brewhouse Incubator has been selected as the first incubator specializing in creative tech to join Vinnova's national incubator program. Learn more about our arena – the ecosystem and innovation support system in which we operate.

What is an incubator?

An incubator functions like a greenhouse, providing a space where people can nurture their business ideas to grow and develop more rapidly. We supply tools and ‘plant food’ in the form of new knowledge and networks, enhancing the conditions necessary for transforming a business idea into a sustainable and viable company. Over time, both the business idea and the company mature enough to be ‘transplanted,’ continuing to thrive independently.

What is Creative tech?

Creative industries can be defined as sectors and companies whose business concepts or raw materials are rooted in creative processes. This definition may also encompass companies that leverage the creations of others, for example, through distribution, the development of new technologies, or digital services. At Brewhouse Incubator, we specifically use the term ‘creative tech‘ to sharpen our focus on startups within the creative industries that are centered on new technology, digital services, and innovations related to stage and music.

Why are we needed?

There is a robust support system in Sweden for entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups seeking assistance to develop their business ideas.

We address a unique need within the Swedish innovation support system as the only incubator focusing on startups in the creative industries and creative tech. We unite entrepreneurs in music, stage, and new technology who are forward-thinking and eager to advance.

We nurture and encourage individuals with fresh ideas to take the next step, recognizing that it is the people behind the ideas who drive development and innovation. It is through collaboration and the ability to form effective teams that ideas are transformed into sustainable innovations, solving both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

The Swedish Music Miracle

The concept of the Swedish Music Miracle used to be about Swedish artists who made it big internationally. When we talk about the Swedish Music Miracle today, it is rather about the mix of tech companies, producers, app developers and music companies that, in combination with a new generation of music creators and artists, have achieved great success abroad.

Our financiers